Hopped Up Earrings – Make Your Own Beer Earrings

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There’s nothing like a cold beer with friends and these earrings are the perfect way to show your support for your favorite brewery. Made from upcycled bottle caps these unique jewelry pieces double as working cap openers, making them the perfect conversation starter for your next party. They also make great gifts for the beer lover in your life!

When Hopped Up Jewelry creator Kimberly Markley moved from Ohio to Bend, Oregon, she found a job pouring drinks at a local pub. It was here that she began creating beer-themed jewelry to wear for work, a hobby that eventually grew into her full-time career. Her earrings are the perfect gift for any beer drinker in your life, and they’ll make a fantastic addition to any outfit.

The popularity of these fun beer earrings has also spawned an entire line of beer-themed jewelry for home décor and other accessories. The earrings are available in a variety of different brewery designs, so you’re sure to find the perfect pair for your home or as a gift for the beer fan in your life.

While you may not have the budget for a full set of beer-themed jewelry, these fun earrings will surely make you the hit of any party. The earrings are priced at $24 each, and you can get them here.

Using recycled materials is an important part of the design process for many crafters, so these beer earrings are perfect for those who are interested in sustainable and eco-friendly fashion. The earrings are also available in a wide range of colors, so you can choose the perfect pair for any outfit.

To make your own pair of beer earrings, you will need a few basic jewelry-making tools. You can purchase blank bottle caps from arts and crafts stores, or you can ask friends and family members to save their used bottle caps for you. Before you can use the bottle caps for your earrings, however, you will need to punch a hole through them. A hammer and nail will usually do the trick, but you can also try using a nail file or a pair of pliers. Make sure that the hole is centered so that your earring will hang evenly when you wear it.

Once you have the holes punched, you can begin making your earring. Grip the shaft of the pin with a pair of jewelry pliers and twist it into a loop. Don’t close the loop all the way, or you will have trouble attaching a jump ring to it.

To complete your earring, slip a jump ring through the loop you have created. Use a pair of pliers to pinch the ring open, and then twist it closed. You should also repeat this process for the other earring. Finally, add a pair of earring hooks to the jump rings to finish your earrings. If you want to add beads, be sure that the beads match your earring colors.

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