Home Care and Assisted Living in Montreal

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Home care has emerged as an alternative on the continuum of senior services. It offers more flexibility and a higher quality of life than residential care. It enables seniors to live independently at home while receiving the support they need for daily activities. Caregivers can provide transportation, hygiene assistance, meal preparation and more. This type of care can help seniors manage their health issues such as cardiovascular disease, depression and arthritis. There are several home care agencies in Montreal that offer this service. They can be contacted by visiting their websites or calling them directly.

The Quebec government has introduced tax credits aimed at reducing the financial burden of caring for elderly relatives. These include the “Independent Living Tax Credit” to help pay for equipment that aids independence, and the tax credit for family caregivers to offset the cost of supporting a relative with a severe and prolonged impairment in mental or physical functions. The Quebec government’s website has information on the eligibility requirements for these and other provincial tax credits.

However, many seniors continue to report unmet homecare needs. Some of these unmet needs are due to physical disabilities, but others are due to psychosocial limitations, such as difficulty walking outside. The latter are difficult to address with current CHSLD programs because they cannot accommodate the 24/7 supervision that such patients require.

One potential solution is reablement, an approach that focuses on improving the functional abilities of disabled seniors in order to reduce their dependency on homecare services and minimize the need for institutionalization (Institute de la statistique du Canada 2015). Reablement can also improve HRQoL and increase employee satisfaction at a reasonable marginal cost.

Assisted living in Montreal is a new option for seniors who need a bit more assistance than what is offered at a retirement home but don’t need the full range of medical care provided by long term care homes. These communities have trained staff on-hand to help with daily tasks and can also provide social activities and meals. They also provide the peace of mind that comes from knowing a professional caregiver is close by in case of an emergency.

While the monthly costs vary between facilities, there are a few things that all Montreal assisted living communities have in common. First and foremost, they’re all licensed by the Ministry of Health and Social Services of Quebec and must meet the same standards as public and private long-term care centres. In addition, they must offer their residents a minimum of three hours of care per day, as well as housing options that are suitable for older adults. It’s important to contact each facility to discuss their rates and services in more detail. Then you can choose the option that’s right for your loved one. montreal home care

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