German Lessons Near Me

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Whether you want to travel abroad or just gain a more intimate knowledge of the German culture, you can find a wide range of courses and private tutoring in New York City. German lessons are geared toward building conversational fluency through grammatical know-how and essential vocabulary. Course instructors and tutors are available online or in-person for individualized instruction.

The German language is widely spoken in a number of countries and has contributed to the arts, philosophy, and culture of many others. Learning it can open doors to international business, education, and research. It may also offer you a chance to experience a rich new culture that celebrates art, architecture, music, and world-famous beer.

Free online learning options include the popular Duolingo German app, which guides students to learn through exposure. Its lessons are grouped by skill, and you can start with a beginner level, which introduces basic communication skills including introducing yourself, providing personal information, and counting. The app offers a variety of practice exercises, as well as an interactive speech recognition tool and a periodic fluency score.

CUNY Brooklyn College also offers free online German classes in both Elementary and Intermediate German every fall, spring, and summer term. Lessons are taught in small groups by a native-speaking professor, and the course includes weekly short-themed lessons and interactive dialogues. Students have the option to opt into a seven-day trial that can be used to enroll in three group lessons or one private lesson with a tutor. German lessons near me

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