German Courses in London

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For those seeking to travel, work or live abroad, German is a valuable language to have. With nearly 17 million speakers worldwide, it opens up career opportunities and cultural experiences throughout Europe (especially in Germany and Austria) as well as parts of South America (Switzerland).

For adults wishing to learn German, evening classes are one of the most popular options. Imperial College London’s German courses range from beginner to upper-intermediate, and lessons are taught by qualified instructors. Students of adult German courses come from diverse backgrounds, including academics and working professionals.

Group German courses provide a supportive learning environment where you can make new friends while building your skills. You’ll have the opportunity to practise your German through conversations with your classmates, as each lesson builds on the next to give you conversational fluency in as little as four weeks.

Online German classes offer the flexibility of studying from home or on-the-go. Italki connects you with a tutor for a one-hour video chat, and its affordability and convenience make it the best online option for beginners.

Rocket German offers free and paid apps as well as a variety of different learning materials for different types of learners. Its approachable beginner course hooks learners who aren’t interested in nitty-gritty grammar exercises, and the app includes flashcards, podcasts, and software to correct your pronunciation.

If you prefer a more structured and interactive setting, the Goethe-Institut offers small group German classes for students at intermediate levels. The institute also provides academic counselling and assistance with university placement. German courses London

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