Funko Pop Pokemon – A Guide to Variations and Special Editions

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Many collectors collect Funko Pop figures because they feel a connection to the franchise or character represented by the figure. They may enjoy the challenge of finding and completing a set or simply appreciate having a unique display for their collection. Others collect for investment purposes, believing that certain Pops will increase in value over time. However, it is important to remember that the value of any collectible can fluctuate and is not guaranteed. Collectors should only collect items that they genuinely enjoy and have a connection to.

Pokemon fans were ecstatic when they heard that the popular character was making its way to Funko Pop form in 2018. The first figure released in the line was Pikachu, and it has since been followed by other characters from the franchise such as Raichu, Munchlax, and Mew. Each Pokémon Pop features its own unique style, making it easy for fans of different generations to find a favorite.

In addition to standard colors, there are also variants and special edition figures available. Some variants are exclusive to specific retailers or events, while others are part of a larger series or line of figures. Some of the most sought-after collectibles are Diamond Collection and metallic variants. The Diamond Collection version of a figure features a glitter-coated finish, while the Metallic variant is silver metallic in color. Both versions come with a “diamond collection” sticker included on the box.

Other variants include flocked and pearlescent figures. The flocked variants feature a fuzzy coating on the figure, while the pearlescent version has a shiny, shimmering paint. Both variants are limited in production and very hard to find. funko pop pokemon

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