Free Advice Employment Law

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Free Advice Employment Law
Whether you’re an employer or an employee, there are times when legal questions arise that you can’t afford to pay to resolve. These issues can include a claim of discrimination or wage and hour violations, for example. In those situations, it is important to have access to free employment law advice that can help you get the answers you need to protect your rights.

The Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm can offer you free legal advice about your job-related problems. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our highly experienced New York City employment lawyers.

You can also seek free employment law advice from the Citizen’s Advice service. This is usually provided by telephone and they will provide you with advice based on the facts of your case. They may be able to put you in touch with a local solicitor who can help you, or they will provide you with information on how to make a complaint to an employment tribunal.

If you’re a member of a trade union, you may be entitled to free employment law advice from your union’s solicitor. Otherwise, you should look for a solicitor who specialises in employment law through our Find a Solicitor service. Your solicitor can help you with questions about maternity and paternity leave, sick days, working from home, zero-hours contracts and how to terminate your employment contract. They can also explain your fee arrangements options if you decide to take a case to an employment tribunal. free advice employment law

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