Fire and Water Restoration

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Fire and water restoration is the process of repairing the damage caused to a property by fire and/or water. It’s important to hire professionals that specialize in fire and water restoration because they have the knowledge, expertise and specialized equipment to properly restore the property in a timely manner. Leaving these disasters unattended can lead to increased costs and severe structural damage.

Water Damage
During a fire, fire suppression methods like sprinkler systems and fire hoses can inflict thousands of gallons of water on a building’s structure in minutes. This can cause extensive water damage, including soaked carpets, walls and ceilings. This type of water damage can lead to wood rot, mold growth and other costly issues. Fire and water restoration professionals are familiar with the latest techniques for removing excess moisture and restoring building materials.

Structural Damage
Water and fire damage can cause serious structural issues that may require reconstruction services to repair. If left unattended, fire and water damage can compromise the stability of walls, floors and other structures resulting in warping, buckling and other problems that may be difficult to detect. Water damage that goes untreated also creates a moist environment ideal for the growth of mold and mildew, which can deal further damage to the property and pose health risks for occupants.

Fire and water restoration professionals can also perform smoke and soot cleaning to remove tarnishing, corrosive byproducts and harmful contaminants from surfaces throughout the home. They can also use special equipment to deodorize the property and eliminate any lingering odors. fire and water restoration

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