Finding a Wrist Watch Repair Shop Near Me

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The wrist watch is an engineering marvel. Those tiny gears are arranged in a way that makes the whole thing tick—not just a second or two, but every single minute of your life. But over time, the delicate moving parts in a fine watch need to be cleaned, repaired and serviced, just like any other mechanical instrument.

For a lot of people, that means turning to a repair shop. It can be hard to find a good one, though, especially if you want someone who will treat your precious family heirloom with the same care and attention as you did when it was a gift or an inheritance.

Here are a few places that you can trust to handle your watches.

This mom-and-pop shop is a Yelp favorite, with many users saying the service is honest, direct and quick. The reviews also mention that they are often able to fix things immediately, while others will be able to leave their watches with them for larger repairs, including a full movement overhaul.

In addition to the usual services of a repair shop, this one specializes in custom jewelry design and engraving. Customers can even bring in their own photos of special pieces to have engraved. In fact, the company will even engrave a watch strap or other small accessory for free, as long as it is not damaged.

For something that is not a watch, such as an engraved pendant or bracelet, the price will vary depending on what is being engraved. For a small, simple piece, expect to pay around $25, while for something more complicated such as a personalized cufflink, the price will likely be a few hundred dollars.

A crowded little gem between tracks 38 and 39 at Grand Central Terminal, this shop has been servicing timepieces since 1952. Ben Clymer, founder of the watch-news site Hodinkee, first visited it 15 years ago when he brought in a 1950s Heuer Camaro that was in “really rough shape.” A complete overhaul was prescribed and the watch was ready within four months.

The only way to guarantee that your beloved watch will continue to tell its perfect time is to have it regularly serviced by a professional. This ensures that all the internal mechanisms stay in perfect working order and that the movement is properly lubricated to keep it looking and functioning as new. wrist watch repair shop near me

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