Fenben For Humans May Be Effective in Treating Cancer

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Researchers have discovered that a common anti-parasitic drug used to treat parasitic worms in animals, known as Fenben for humans could actually be very effective at shrinking cancer tumors and killing cancer cells. This is due to fenben’s ability to interfering with multiple cellular pathways that allow cancer to thrive. It has also been shown to inhibit glucose uptake and expression of GLUT transporters as well as Hexokinase II -an enzyme that is key in the glycolytic pathway of cancer cells. These results are published in Scientific Reports.

Background: A man with terminal lung cancer claimed to have cured himself of his cancer with a cheap deworming medication. Since then, many cancer patients have been using a protocol based on fenbendazole (Fenben or Panacur C) to combat their disease. While doctors have tried to dissuade people from following this treatment, it is proving incredibly successful. Some have even been able to beat their cancers completely!

Fenbendazole is an FDA-approved antihelmintic that shows excellent efficacy in controlling tapeworms and roundworms. It is also a common veterinary medication for livestock under the brand name Panacur C. It is used to treat tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms. Recently, researchers have discovered that fenbendazole may be an effective agent for the treatment of human cancers, as well.

The purpose of this study was to estimate the risk associated with human consumption of pheasant tissues with residues of fenbendazole sulfone. The risk was estimated using a deterministic and stochastic model. For the deterministic model, current FDA liver tolerances, EMA liver MRLs and Japan, New Zealand, and Turkey duck liver MRLs were used to calculate risk. Data on pheasant meat consumption was unavailable and instead production turkeys consumed in the USA were utilized because they have metabolic similarities to pheasants. fenben for humans

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