Eyeglasses and Sunglasses Nose Pads Replacement

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Changing out the nose pads on your glasses or sunglasses can make them more comfortable to wear and prevent them from resting on the bridge of your nose, where they can cause indentations. Eyeglasses and sunglasses nose pads come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, so finding the right one for your frame is important. It’s also a good idea to replace your nose pads on a regular basis, especially if you wear your glasses or sunglasses frequently.

Using hair styling wax on the bridge of your nose and temple area can help prevent your glasses from leaving marks behind on your skin. This product is readily available in most beauty supply stores and can be easily applied by yourself. Just be sure to reapply as needed, especially if your face is oily.

Another popular option for preventing the dreaded nose mark is to use a thin coat of clear nail polish on the area where your glasses meet your skin. You can also purchase special nose and temple pads made of clear plastic that you can simply stick on your nose, temples, or both to reduce the amount of contact with your skin.

The State Side frames are part of Ray-ban’s throwback series that take styles from their archives. Thick acetate frames with oversized lenses showcase this retro style.

A rounded frame that falls right in line with the brand’s other round styles is the Burbank. This model features metal arms and an acetate front for an in-between look between full metal frames and all acetate models.

Ray-ban’s aviator-style frames are classic and timeless. These large framed sunglasses are perfect for everyday wear. The RB3183 fuses the classic aviator shape with a modern matte finish to create this stylish and versatile pair.

A more contemporary version of the Wayfarer is this model that uses a lighter weight acetate for the frame’s front and metal for the arms, giving it a unique look. The RB3384 is a great choice for people who want a mix of classic and contemporary styles.

The oversized lenses on these Ray-bans give them a very retro feel that’s sure to turn heads. The Square 1971 frames are part of the brand’s throwback series that takes styles from their archives. The acetate frame is thick and the large lenses provide extra coverage, ideal for sunny weather.

Depending on your frame’s style, you may have push in or screw in nose pads. Push in pads have a small opening on the nose stem that the nose pad goes into, while screw in pads are held in place by a small screw. If you have push in nose pads you can easily change them out by removing the screw and putting in a new one.

Many spectacle and sunglasses frames feature flexible silicone nose pads that are easy to replace, providing a comfortable fit for the wearer. Silicone is also hypoallergenic, making it a safe choice for those who have sensitive skin. The soft material can be moulded to the shape of the nose for a secure fit and can be cleaned with plain water. ray ban nose pads replacement

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