Explosion-Proof Actuators

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Explosion-Proof Actuators are designed to protect the equipment inside from explosions caused by electrical sparks, surface temperature rise or electrostatic discharge. The primary condition to create an explosive mixture is the presence of both a volatile substance and oxygen. If the combination accumulates to a certain point and triggers a chemical reaction at an accelerated speed, the explosion can cause destructive forces such as a shock wave that can displace large volumes of air and cause a fireball.

Electrical sparks are a common source of ignition and explosions, especially in equipment like welding machines. To prevent this, the equipment used in hazardous environments is typically constructed from non-sparking materials like wood, thermoplastic polymers and leather. Additionally, the devices are often coated with anti-static coatings and insulated to prevent a buildup of volatile substances.

The lack of electrical components in explosion proof actuators also makes them suitable for a range of volatile environments. Observing best practices in terms of storage, maintenance and handling can help ensure that the equipment remains safe.

Moog has a complete line of brushless servomotors and electro-mechanical actuators for use in hazardous environments. These products are ATEX and TIIS certified so that they can be fully integrated into your application and operate in potentially dangerous atmospheres. They include features such as flameproof housings, high fill factor stators and a thermally efficient aluminum case for maximum power density. Designed to replace hydraulics, these units provide an alternative that is simple, clean and cost effective.

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