Energy Bracelets

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Often referred to as healing/gemstone bracelets, energy bracelets are worn for metaphysical health and connection. Usually made of gemstones that have specific chakra associations or are known for their healing properties, these boho bracelets also feature neutral-color stones like lava rock or quartz crystal to break up color blocks and add dimension.

Chakra Bracelets
The seven chakras are the energy centers in your body and wearing a chakra bracelet can help balance and align these chakras. Each chakra has a different meaning – for example, the root chakra symbolizes grounding and stability while the heart chakra promotes love and compassion. Some of the most popular chakra bracelets combine a variety of semi-precious stones like amethyst and rose quartz to encourage spiritual well-being.

Reiki Healing Bracelets
Reiki bracelets are similar to chakra bracelets but include a special bead that represents enlightenment or spiritual awakening. These beads are typically used in meditation and can be counted to keep track of your thoughts as you go through a mindfulness or meditation practice.

Copper Magnetic Bracelet
These metal-based bracelets are said to improve physical health and emotional wellbeing by balancing the energy of your body’s energy centers. They are a great choice for those looking to calm their anxiety, increase their focus and concentration, and improve sleep patterns.

Some people who wear a copper bracelet report reduced stress and anxiety as well as improved circulation. These healing bracelets can also help ease a range of other ailments including inflammation and some aches and pains*. energy bracelets

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