Electronic Analytical Balance Price

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An electronic analytical balance price is a precision weighing instrument used for the measurement of mass with extreme accuracy and precision. They are typically used in laboratory settings like research, chemistry, pharmaceutical, and quality control where even the most minuscule sample differences may have significant effects. Due to their sensitivity, these instruments should be placed in dedicated areas away from any vibrations or air currents that could impact the weighing process and the final weighing results.

METTLER TOLEDO’s Series 12000 high quality laboratory balances provide essential functionality and solid performance at an affordable cost. Featuring an internal motorized calibration system, these sensitive electronic analytical balances are ideal for all your routine weighing applications.

These sophisticated balances come with a huge optimized color touchscreen display that can be operated through gloves and feature a rigid die-cast aluminum housing to increase longevity, stability, and durability. They also include Mettler Toledo’s renowned high performance MonoBloc weighing cell with ProFACT automatic internal adjustment functionality. They can be purchased with or without external calibration weights depending on your needs.

XPR Excellence Series analytical balances are built for right-first-time results with advanced quality assurance functions including patented StaticDetect that automatically detects static charges that could interfere with accurate measurements and an optional ionizing module to eliminate them. They can be upgraded with an array of available modules to simplify your daily weighing tasks and take the stress out of complex applications such as automated dosing. Built in applications and intelligent features like SmartGrid, LevelControl, and StatusLight ensure that all weighing conditions have been satisfied and that you get the right results every time. electronic analytical balance price

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