Drug Charges Lawyer

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The complexities involved in drug charges require the skills of an experienced criminal defense attorney. Greco Neyland, PC has a strong track record of successfully defending clients facing drug charges in state and federal courts. We provide legal advice, assist in dealing with the prosecution, and may be able to help you avoid prison time and a conviction on your record by negotiating a plea deal.

If you’ve been arrested on suspicion of drug possession, or another drug-related offense, you need to contact a New York drug charges lawyer right away. Drug crimes carry serious penalties that can negatively impact your life forever. A criminal record containing a drug conviction could limit your future job and educational opportunities. A conviction for even a misdemeanor drug charge could result in jail time, and will likely impact your family.

Our drug charges defense starts with a careful examination of your case. We examine whether law enforcement officers followed constitutional procedures during your arrest, search or seizure of your property or person. If the police did not follow the laws, our defense team can use this to your advantage in court.

If the substance you are accused of possessing is a controlled substance, you face a felony drug charge. The penalty is more severe if you are charged with drug manufacturing or trafficking, or if you are caught transporting drugs across state lines. Possession of drug paraphernalia, such as syringes or rolling papers, is also a crime. When police find these items with drugs, they assume that you intend to sell or distribute the illegal substances, and charge you with a drug distribution charge. drug charges lawyer

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