Driving Under The Influence (DUI) Lawyer Pennsylvania

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Anybody who has gone through DUI knows about its legal proceedings. It’s difficult to handle especially when you manage it yourself.

A single negligence can affect you in the forms of fines and penalties, suspension of driving license and even imprisonment. The punishment in all states is stressful, even in Pennsylvania.


  • 8% of people arrested for DUI in PA are Male
  • 3% of people are white

According to 2010 national survey on drug use and health

  • The highest drunk drivers fall between the age group of 21 to 25.
  • In 2011, it was recorded as about 41 out of 401 were in the age group of 21-25.

Charges for DUI in Pennsylvania

  • BAC rate in Pennsylvania should not exceed .02% for the age group under 21.
  • .08% for people above 21.
  • First-time offense may cause 1- year license suspension.
  • Second offense with 18 month’s license suspension
  • Third offense with 18 months license suspension including fines and penalties. It can also lead to imprisonment.

The safest and the finest choice to deal with a DUI case, is to leave it to an attorney. A good quality lawyer can help you by defending your case efficiently. He has the knowledge to finish the case out of the court itself.

The benefits of having a driving under the influence DUI lawyer Pennsylvania are:


A DUI lawyer represents you in the court. He can relieve you from the stressful aftereffects of a usual DUI case.

Simply paying fines and penalties is only going to cost you. Hiring a DUI lawyer provides you the guidance and assistance to deal with the case. Steuerberater

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