Dog-Inspired Non-Fungible Tokens Make Their Way to the Mainstream

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Dogs may be man’s best friend, but they aren’t the only kind of non-fungible token (NFT) to make it big in crypto. The German foreign intelligence agency Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) has released a series of dog-inspired NFTs that are part of an on-chain treasure hunt to recruit cyber talent. Similarly, the United States Secret Service launched an NFT collection last month to encourage the public to report suspected threats online.

NFTs have gained popularity thanks to the ease of replicating and trading them on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or SushiSwap. This has helped them rise from niche collectors’ items to a mainstream industry. However, NFTs lack the legal structure of real-world goods and can be vulnerable to pump-and-dump schemes. And as the market grows, the amount of money that can be sunk into a single NFT is increasing too.

As of this writing, the top five NFTs have a total market cap of $336 million. But the most valuable NFT isn’t a game: It’s a fractionalized image of Internet meme Doge, minted by Atsuko Sato and verified as authentic by internet meme database Know Your Meme. The token currently has a circulating supply of $82 million, and 55% of it is held by the original buyer, PleasrDAO. But even if you don’t have the original NFT, you can still participate in its future growth through Doge Park, a Discord server organized by PleasrDAO members that includes a NFT lottery and other activities.

Kia’s NFT Campaign Helps Homeless Animals

The company’s NFT-based social responsibility initiative, dubbed SIPHER, recently added a new dog-inspired NFT collection to its lineup. The SIPHER NFTs are available through the NFT platform LayerZero and include a range of breeds, sizes, and colors of dogs. Each of the 10,000 SIPHER NFTs comes preprogrammed with traits such as breed, age, size, coat color, and coat length. This programming creates scarcity within the NFT collection so that certain dogs are harder to find than others.

Other NFTs from the SIPHER collection are inspired by cats, birds, and bulls. Each of the NFTs in these collections is linked to a specific charity, which you can find on the SIPHER website. You can also earn additional NFTs by participating in the on-chain treasure hunt that is being run on the SIPHER blockchain, which will support the charities that are supported by the SIPHER project. You can also buy and sell the SIPHER NFTs on Binance’s exchange. dog nft

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