DIY Lean to Conservatories – The Popular Choice

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There are very few people who would not like a conservatory built onto their home. Even couples that have raised their families and now find themselves in a house that maybe a bit big for them, would like a sunroom where they could relax during the good weather, or use it as a greenhouse for propagating and protecting plants. For homeowners that want the luxury of an extension onto their home, but without the expense that can come with such a project, DIY lean to conservatories are the obvious answer.

Conservatories are peculiar structures, in that they are in many ways similar to a traditional built-on extension to a home and in other ways they are very different.

If a conservatory is properly built and the homeowners have undertaken proper site preparation and foundation work, then the structure should be as strong and solid as a bricks and mortar building.

Many people would try to dispute this, saying that as it is made mainly of glass or some other type of glazing, that it could not have the same strength as an extension with solid block walls and a slate roof.

Studies prove that conservatories that are properly built and that have been attached properly to the main home are not only as strong and long-lasting, but also that they are perhaps even more energy efficient than ordinary building works.

This is because a double glazing is very efficient and highly insulated, so if you have a structure comprising mainly of double or triple glazing it can help to improve the thermal capacity of the entire home.

A lean to conservatory is perhaps the best value for money of all of the conservatories on the market. These structures comprise a simple, straight-forward design of four glazed walls with a sloping roof. They have few frills or elaborate design features that mark other conservatory types, such as Victorian conservatories.

This is why homeowners that fancy taking on the project of building their own sunroom, usually opt for a DIY lean to conservatory. There are many manufacturers who will supply a kit which will include all of the parts that you will need in order to construct the sunroom on your property.

Detailed instructions are included with these kits, so someone with a minimum of experience could technically build one of these structures. However it is always for the best if the person in charge of the operation has had some building experience, as the conservatory you build, you want to last for a long time.

Take care that the site is properly prepared and that the foundation is adequate. A sunroom with a poor foundation may look well for quite some time, but after several years of bad weather and family living, may begin to show signs of stress if it has not been erected on a solid footing.

Have your construction team in place for when your DIY lean to conservatory kit arrives. Your helpers can consist of family members and friends, but do try to have someone in charge who understands the mechanics of building and who can oversee the project. Have plenty of sandwiches on hand to keep the workers happy and with a bit of luck, you could have a solid, ready to enjoy conservatory on your property in a few days. conservatory roof insulation panels

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