Disaster Recovery Solutions

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disaster recovery solutions help organizations restore data and systems in the event of a natural disaster, hardware or software failure, power outage, human error, ransomware attack, or other unplanned event. They are designed to minimize restoration times and costs to keep businesses operational and provide customers with the quality of service they expect from a business.

DR solutions can range from simple backups and data shipping to fully-equipped secondary sites. The solution that is best for an organization depends on its top-level business continuity plans and data protection goals, as well as budgetary requirements.

Companies with a large number of employees working remotely will likely prefer cloud-based disaster recovery, which can be implemented quickly and with minimal additional cost to the business. In addition to cost savings, a cloud-based disaster recovery solution provides consistency and simplified management and support.

If you are in an area affected by a natural disaster, listen to battery-powered radio or television for updates and instructions from local authorities. If possible, stay away from areas that may be contaminated with hazardous materials, such as storm drains, culverts or ditches.

A comprehensive disaster recovery solution includes a backup site or DRaaS that is located in a different physical location from your primary server, which offers greater security and reduces the risk of data loss. It also provides a quicker recovery process, with virtual environments that enable users to access applications and services in the same way as they were before the disaster.

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