Different Types of Men’s Boxershorts

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Men often settle on a particular style of underwear and stick with it – but that’s no reason not to try different types of men’s boxershorts from time to time. Tighter fitting and clingy underwear may be preferable for running at the gym, while looser and more comfortable underwear could better suit hours spent sitting down at a desk.

There are also several different ways of sewing up men’s boxer briefs. The most common is a panel seat, which uses seams running around the back seating area to create a generous and loosely-fitting center rear panel. Most commercially-produced men’s boxer briefs use this style of construction.

Another option is a yoke front, which features snaps (typically 2 or 3) on the waistband and a yoke on the leg opening. This yoke design can be more supportive than a panel seat and more comfortable than a stretchy elastic waistband.

Briefs: Easily recognizable by their short legs and elastic waistband, these underwear are the most popular shape of men’s underwear on the high street (though online sales do favour boxy trunk shapes). They provide excellent support for the buttocks and are less prone to rising and bunching than other underwear types.

For tall guys, though, briefs can leave your cherries dangling, leaving you feeling like a low hanging branch of wild berries. This is where boxershorts come in: tight fitting and snug to the thighs, they are an ideal alternative to briefs for guys who want that little extra bit of coverage without sacrificing comfort. men’s bamboo boxershorts

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