Data Center Cooling Market share to hit at $6.09 billion by 2023

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Global Data Center Cooling Market size was $2.59 billion in 2015 and predicted to surpass $6.1 billion mark by end of forecast timeframe registering CAGR of 11.1%. Rapid rise in amount of data centers to match storage space requirements are predicted to propel demand for less energy consuming cooling techniques.

Industry has experienced evolution of many businesses that work on an internet platform. This has led to enhanced data storage and processing coupled with server downtime caused by generation of heat. Increase in power consumption as well as price has created a need for managing capacity, minimizing cost and addressing ecological concerns. Demand for high computational ability and enhanced focus on centralization of IT by many firms are few of the factors driving power consumption.

Temperature changes can lead to machine damage promoting use of data center cooling devices. High ownership costs due to heavy investments and maintenance needs can hinder the demand and growth of the data center cooling industry in future.

Global data center cooling market is segmented into different services like OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) services and managed services.Managed services segment contributed more than 60.1% of total industry revenue share.OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) segment is predicted to display CAGR of 11.61% during forecast timeline.

Solution Overview

Global data center cooling market is segmented into different data center cooling solutions like precision air handling units and precision air conditioners.Precision air handling units segment is cost effective and prove benefits like low maintenance price, minimized power consumption and reliability. So the demand for these solutions is anticipated to grow in future. Precision air conditioners segment contributed more than 70.1% of overall data center cooling market share for 2015 and is predicted to grow in future.

End use overview

Global data center cooling market is segmented into small firms, large firms and midsized firms depending upon its end use. Large firms segment is predicted to dominate the global industry in future. Substantial data production across the segment is the key driving factor behind the segment growth.

Midsized firms have less storage as well as processing capacity. Consumers belonging to this segment prefer air conditioners as main cooling devices. Small firms segment is predicted to register CAGR of 11.51% during forecast timeframe.

Regional overviewGlobal data center cooling industry is segmented into main geographical regions like APAC, North America, MEA, Europe and Latin America. APAC data center cooling market share is projected to touch $1.31 billion by end of forecast timeframe owing to high demand from nations like China and India who have substantial growth potential owing to rapid technological breakthroughs.U.S. data center cooling industry had led North America to dominate the global data center cooling market for 2015 . North America contributed more than $1.1 billion during that year. Industrial Air Cleaner

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