Curly Hair Salon Melbourne

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Whether your curls are big and bountiful or tight and tumbling, you need the right haircut to give them the lift and shape they deserve. You also need a stylist with the right training and knowledge to cut curly hair, and who understands that curls have very specific needs. It is important to find a salon and stylist who specialises in cutting curly hair. Search online for reviews and recommendations, or ask friends for advice. Make sure you are booked in with a stylist who is experienced and knowledgeable in working with curls, and who understands the Curly Girl method.

If you’re searching for the ultimate curly hair salon Melbourne, look no further than Neel Loves Curls in Fitzroy. This salon is a shrine to curly hair, and its clients (or “curlfriends”) are a testament to the magic of Neel’s touch and expertise. The haircuts here are truly extraordinary, and their colour work is just as impressive.

The team at DeLilah Hair have diversity in their hearts and minds, with a focus on the individual and what works for them. They are experts in delivering beautiful cuts, colour and treatments, using Aveda products that are curl friendly. You’ll be able to enjoy the scents of these luxurious products while having your hair cut by one of their incredibly talented stylists. Ask for Melissa, who has ‘curl love’ written all over her. Her passion for creating’sustainable hairstyles from the roots up’ and her natural eye for enhancing curls and quirky kinks makes her a cut above the rest.

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