Cloud Gavel and the eWarrant Solution

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Cloud Gavel is managed by a dynamic group of professionals that have a strong passion for public safety. This team was responsible for the development of the original electronic warrant concept back in 2007. Since then, they have focused on delivering the best and most advanced solution available to the law enforcement and judicial community.

In a DUI/DWI investigation, a Trooper logs into CloudGavel and submits a request for a blood draw. The warrant is approved by the on-call Judge in less than 10 minutes. This allows the medical facility to obtain a blood sample before normal dissipation of alcohol reduces the true BAC reading.

The eWarrant solution saves countless hours and even days of police officer work. This time is now spent on apprehension and conviction of criminals rather than processing paperwork. It also decreases crime by allowing officers to be out in the community instead of behind their desks.

With a simple to use interface, CloudGavel is easy for all users to navigate. Document automation features include robust nested conditional logic, numerical and date calculations, and more. It’s all built into a secure platform with an automated filing system and complete audit trail. The application is also downloadable to an iPhone or iPad for judges and commissioners to review and approve warrants while on the go.

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