Cloud Gadget and GAVEL Help Solo Attorneys Improve Billable Times

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Developed by FusionStak LLC, cloud gavel is the nation’s top electronic warrant solution used by police departments. The system allows officers to log on using any internet-capable device and create a warrant. Once completed, it is electronically sent to a judge or district attorney for review and approval in minutes. This helps reduce the need for excessive police officer overtime and eliminates errors in paperwork and procedure.

A centralized warrant database is maintained within the system to share information between law enforcement agencies. This enables officers to view all active warrants from other jurisdictions and saves time when tracking down suspects. The solution also allows officers to search for specific arrest and/or bench warrants that have been issued and has a notification feature to alert officers when the case is due for court.

To enhance officer training, the company has partnered with the National Command and Staff College to provide on-demand access to advanced leadership courses for officers who use cloud gavel. The partnership aims to meet the growing demand for additional and advanced training opportunities for our nation’s law enforcement personnel.

XIRA offers GAVEL to its registered attorneys complimentary to help improve solo practitioners’ billable times and make the practice of law more accessible and affordable for all. The software is integrated with practice management, invoicing, document vault and more to keep data securely consolidated in one place. The company’s goal is to ensure that clients can spend their entire working day on billable matters rather than on administrative tasks or managing multiple applications. cloud gavel

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