Click and Trip – Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Business Travel

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Click Travel is the UK’s fastest-growing corporate travel management company. Its award-winning all-in-one booking platform helps organisations reduce the cost and complexity of business travel.

The acquisition is TravelPerk’s third since the pandemic began, following the acquisition of risk management startup Albatross and US-based NexTravel in 2020. The deal was funded by Boston based investment manager Baupost Group.

What is Click and Trip?

Click and Trip is a business travel booking platform that searches thousands of travel providers to find you the best rates on flights, hotels, trains and car hire. It also takes care of reporting so that you can spend more time on what matters most to your business. Click and Trip can be used by anyone from solo entrepreneurs who need a train to London to large multinational companies with a global workforce that require flights and accommodation across the globe.

TravelPerk, the next-generation business travel company, has acquired UK-based Click Travel, bringing together the two teams’ expertise to reduce the cost and complexity of global business travel. The combined team will provide a single specialist platform designed for UK business travel that combines world-class inventory with enterprise-grade management and support.

Benefits of Click and Trip

Click and Trip is an alternative to home delivery, offering shoppers a wide range of convenient options. Shoppers can control when they pick up their orders and avoid the risk of missed deliveries, as well as save on shipping costs (over 53% of total costs are attributed to the last mile).

In addition, consumers can choose from a variety of collection points, such as curbside pickup and open lockers. This makes the service a convenient choice for those who live in an urban area or are concerned about parcel theft.

Retailers can also benefit from click and collect, as it allows them to tap into their existing inventory. The process also eliminates the need for retailers to hire dedicated drivers and logistics staff, allowing them to streamline their operations and enjoy lower operating expenses. In addition, they can repurpose existing store staff to fulfill online orders and improve customer satisfaction. As a result, click and collect can be an excellent tool to drive ecommerce sales and growth.

How to use Click and Trip

Click Travel searches thousands of travel providers for the best rates and widest choice of flights, hotels, trains, car hire and airport parking. Click Travel takes care of booking, reporting and payments – making it easy for agencies to work with small solo travellers needing train tickets to London or large corporates looking for flight, hotel and car hire for teams of staff all over the world.

To create a new trip, select “Trips” from the left-hand menu. Add a title for the trip, and choose the dates that it encompasses. Add a client name and assign a primary traveler, as well as any other people travelling. Enter a description for the trip; this can help to keep track of information and make it easier to reconcile commissions (the client will not see this). Add any loyalty scheme details, such as airline or car rental supplier numbers, using the Loyalty Scheme tab. Click and Trip

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