Brush Machinery For a Variety of Applications

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In the world of manufacturing, brushes and brush machinery are essential tools for deburring, cleaning, finishing, polishing, and more. From removing rust on metals to making a surface smooth for paint adhesion, industrial brush machines help companies create long-lasting products that are used in all sorts of ways. With the right machine, companies can quickly and easily create high-quality brushes, ensuring that they meet all of their production needs.

With over 100 years of experience, Roth Composite Machinery provides complete solutions for the entire production of brushes and brooms. Their machines are used around the world for applications that require high efficiency, minimal maintenance, and versatility. The company’s production lines offer a flexible solution to suit any application and work with all kinds of materials, from filaments and natural fibres to steel wire and synthetic material.

In addition to industrial wire brush machines, they also manufacture a variety of other types of machinery, including rotary cleaning brushes for pipe applications, brushes that are designed to be inserted into the grooves of threaded fasteners, and abrasive-based finishing tools. With a wide range of diameters and styles available, these brushes are useful in industries from automotive to aerospace to food processing. They can be made from a number of different materials, depending on the specific needs of a customer, and they are also often made using knotted wires, with cable twist designs that promote aggressive brushing action for heavy-duty jobs.

Abrasive brushes are also used for a variety of applications, from removing paint to creating a precise edge radius on products. Unlike traditional brush machinery, these systems provide direct perpendicular access to the area of the product being deburred, which allows them to remove burrs and create a smooth finish. The process is especially efficient in applications where a specific edge radius must be created, as this is impossible to achieve with conventional equipment.

Spool-fed tufting machines are also used to produce brushes for personal care products such as facial cleansers and hairbrushes. These machines can handle large volumes of fine materials, and they allow the tufts to be deposited directly into the head plate of the brush, eliminating the need for a separate filling tool. They can also be fitted with a flagging unit, an automated ejection, and conveyor belt feeding for faster, more versatile operation.

In 1978, John S. Sohre established Sohre Turbomachinery to research and develop what eventually became a patented line of shaft-riding brushes for power-generating turbines. These brushes can be installed by original equipment manufacturers or by field retrofits, and they are an effective way to mitigate electric stray current damage that is caused by the spinning of blades inside the turbine. Since then, Sohre has sold thousands of these brushes worldwide. In fact, several of today’s top power-generation manufacturers use Sohre shaft-riding brushes as standard equipment on their turbines. The company also offers training courses and a series of publications on its website for users to learn more about the benefits of these brushes.

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