Best Curly Hairdresser Melbourne

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When you have curly hair, you want a salon that loves curls as much as you do. And when you live in a city like Melbourne, it can be tricky to find specific, tailored and dedicated specialists for your kinky curls. But with the right professional, your wavy or textured locks can be a flutter of beauty and delight. That’s why it’s important to do your research, if you’re looking for a best curly hairdresser melbourne.

Thankfully, there is a growing number of genuine curly hair specialists in the city, with the skills and knowledge to back it up. It’s easy to spot the fakes though, and these red flags are a sure sign that you should move on to the next salon on your search for a stylist who knows your curls.

Ginger and Curls
Lisa Pembrook, the founder of this salon in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs, has a reputation for being the queen of curly hair, and for good reason. Her clients — or ‘curlfriends’, as she calls them — love her for her wealth of knowledge and stunningly shaped haircuts.

Rita Semedo is a specialist in all things curly and believes it’s her mission to help you love your curls as much as she does. As well as giving you a beautiful cut, she’ll educate you on how to keep your curls in tip top condition at home with her range of Curly Girl Method and Everescents products. best curly hairdresser melbourne

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