Best Coffeeshops in NYC

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Whether you’re looking to grab a quick cup of coffee or splurge on a latte art-inspired dessert, these best coffeeshops get it right. They also know that great coffee isn’t just about the drink — it’s about the experience too. That’s why they’ve got comfy seats, beautiful ambiance and delicious food to complement their brews.

Some of the best coffee shops also serve as hangout spaces for locals and travelers, and they offer up a variety of sweet treats to help you fuel up between meals. Some even feature a bookstore, in partnership with nearby Molasses Books. Others, like 310 West Master Street’s Ridgewood shop, are more focused on the quality of their roasting and espresso than a swanky atmosphere or artisanal pastries.

The long and narrow uptown shop carefully curates its selection of beans from noted NYC roasters, including Sey, Regalia and Passenger Coffee. Then they prepare them for you with top-notch equipment so you can taste the meticulous work that goes into a quality cup of joe.

You’ll often see lines out the door at this Brooklyn-based brewhouse, but it’s worth it for their expert pour-overs, a swanky atmosphere and a menu of sweet treats that includes everything from buttery raisin croissants to cardamom sugar buns. Plus, the owners have a knack for creating the perfect coffeeshop vibe: think clean walls, plenty of natural light and the kind of relaxing atmosphere you could spend hours lingering in.

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