Bad Dad Jokes for Kids

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Dad jokes are a genre of humor that walks a razor-thin line between wit and dumb humor. They are equal parts cheesy and hilarious, and they often involve lame puns. The hallmark of a good dad joke is its ability to make the audience groan. However, this groaning doesn’t necessarily mean that the joke is not funny. Rather, it may indicate that the joke is “intentionally inappropriate.”

Moreover, the phenomenon of dad jokes appears to be more than just a subset of cringe comedy. It draws upon an instinctual tendency that fathers have felt to tease their children since before the dawn of our species. It resembles the rough-and-tumble play that many nonhuman primates enjoy, and it has pedagogical value in teaching children to tolerate embarrassment.

In fact, despite the groans and eye-rolls that accompany their telling, bad dad jokes may even do kids some good. By repeatedly telling their children jokes that are blatantly inappropriate, fathers challenge their children’s capacity to endure short-term embarrassment. In a society that rewards individualism over conformity, this ability is an important skill for adolescents to possess.

So, next time you find yourself in a situation where a bad dad joke is appropriate, don’t be afraid to use it. Just be sure to fess up before your audience. Besides, everyone needs a little laugh now and then. And, with our collection of the best dad jokes for kids, you will be prepared.

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