Autism and Parenting – Ways to Take Care of Yourself So You Can Care For Your Child

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Even though you love your Autistic child, being a parent can be a drain on energy and resources. Some days things will all fall into place and other days make you want to pull out your hair.

The tendency is to give everything to your child even if it means neglecting yourself. If you give in to this tendency, you will not have enough of yourself to give your child. The result is more stress and less energy. Try to push back the guilt and take time to be recharged and refreshed. Here are a few ideas…

Support Groups

Find a groups in your area for parents with Autistic children. Having someone who understands what you are going through can lift your spirits. They can be a place to get things off your chest, share ideas, get information, but most of all they can help you realize you are not alone in this. If groups are not available in your area see if you can make connections online. You will develop relationships with people far away, and you may find someone who lives close enough where you can have a personal connection.


Writing in a journal can be a wonderful release. Getting your feelings and thoughts out of your head and onto paper can free the clutter in your mind. It can be a private place to let out all of your frustrations. This can help relieve stress and anxiety while giving you a fresher perspective. Be sure to include the happy thoughts as well as the struggles.

Getting Away

Find time for yourself. Find a capable care giver for your child and get out. Give yourself some away time no matter how small. If you cannot leave the house, set aside some time after your child has gone to bed. Allow yourself to unwind and be sure to shift your thinking to match. It may take you some time to let yourself separate mentally. It’s hard to turn the care giver mode off sometimes. Just keep practicing and you will develop the ability to truly let go–at least for the moment.

Ask For and Accept Help

It can be difficult to ask for help or to accept it when someone offers. There are many reasons for this, but usually it is because we have created the systems our child lives by. In our minds it seems easier to do it than explain it to someone else. We also don’t want to impose on others for whatever reasons.

The truth is, having a child with Autism requires help. Becoming stressed and overwhelmed it is not good for you or your child. Getting others to take care of simple tasks can save time and frustration. It will also allow all people involved to get to know each other a little better.

Use a little creativity and you can find little ways to keep yourself energized. It will make day-to-day life better for your whole family if you allow yourself time to be you. caregiver agency near me

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