Are Matter Residences Compatible With a Variety of Smart Home Ecosystems?

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Essentially, yes. Matter is not a platform like Apple HomeKit or Google Assistant, but rather the pipes and common language that allow devices to communicate with one another. It’s the first major standard with broad industry support, and many big names such as Amazon, Google, Samsung and Apple are on board.

In addition to the big four, manufacturers such as Legrand, iRobot and Signify (Philips Hue) have pledged their support for the new standard, and it appears other major smart home companies have already started working on upgrades to their products that will work with Matter. In the future, consumers should be able to choose from a wider selection of home devices and even switch between different ecosystems at will.

It’s also worth noting that Matter devices are designed to be local, with fewer reliance on the cloud. This means that Matter-compatible devices will only be accessible to apps and control centers in your own network, as opposed to going through the Internet. It’s something that Google, Apple and SmartThings have already done with their platforms, so this isn’t a huge surprise.

As for what doesn’t work with Matter yet, home security systems are not on the list of supported features, though the CSA has said that it may be included in a future update. The same goes for things like energy monitoring and the ability to set up complicated scenes in smart plugs or lights — these features will still require their own dedicated apps or ecosystems, for now at least. matter residences

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