Angel Figurines Manufacturers

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Angel figurines are a popular collectible. People love them because they represent hope, love, and faith. They also make a great gift for someone special.

This is a beautiful angel by Goebel that features two angels playing instruments. It has the usual attention to detail that makes Goebel figurines so famous.


The Goebel collection of collectible angel figurines is a popular choice among collectors. These figurines are available in various sizes and colors, and their prices range from $500 to over $5,000. They are a beautiful addition to any home and can add a sense of peace to your living room or bedroom. They also make thoughtful gifts for friends and family members.

Jay Strongwater was an aspiring jewelry designer when he first came up with the idea of making these pieces. He took his prototypes to department stores and other places that specialize in selling jewelry, and his designs were a hit. After that, he decided to expand his business to include other home decor items. He began by creating angels, and he was soon successful.

This ceramic angel figurine is an ideal gift for a special person in your life. It depicts an angel holding a flower bouquet and looking up to heaven. It is in perfect condition and comes with its original box.

The figurine is a classic and will make anyone smile when they see it. It is backstamped/imprinted in sky blue ink with a trademark symbol, the words “Goebel W. Germany” and a black marking that looks like initials/letters. It also comes with a tree hanger, so you can display it for years to come.


Angel figurines have a variety of purposes in people’s lives. They serve as decorative pieces, help a person relax, and give them a feeling of comfort. They can also be used to honor a loved one. Regardless of the purpose, collecting angel figurines can be a fun and rewarding experience. If you are interested in starting or expanding your collection, this detailed guide will look at some of the most valuable angel figurines.

The first of these angel figurines is a German porcelain figure called Madame Recamier. It is a seated figure in a chaise lounge with blue cushions and gilt adornments. It is numbered with an underglaze cobalt mark and was made in around 1962.

Another beautiful figurine is the Lladro Angel Girl with Fantasy Breath. This figurine features an angel girl in matte white porcelain and soft colors, blowing flower petals. It is a perfect addition to any Lladro angel figurines collection. It can be purchased on eBay for $960.

This angel figurine is made from crystal, and its creation process is a closely guarded secret. Each piece is comprised of five to fifty separate pieces that are carefully bonded together through heating and cooling. The pieces are then tested for clarity and only the best ones are used to create each piece. The figurine is also a great addition to any home decor.


The value of collectible angel figurines varies depending on how old they are and their condition. Generally, older pieces are worth more than newer ones. Additionally, the quality of the finish is important. Some manufacturers put special attention to the details of their products, which increases their value. Other factors to consider include the design and color of the angel figurine. Thomas Blackshear, for example, created the Ebony Visions line in 1995. His designs blended African culture with art nouveau, which made these angels highly coveted.

The company is famous for its porcelain angels, which feature a range of different themes and styles. These figurines are a popular gift for many occasions, including birthdays and holidays. They are also a beautiful addition to home décor. Angels are symbols of love and protection, and their significance transcends cultural and religious boundaries. Angel figurine gifts are a thoughtful and meaningful way to show someone you care.

In the 18th century, the company started with a failed alchemist who sought to create a philosopher’s stone to turn metals into gold. Meissen survived World War II and became part of Germany, but was forced to change its business model afterward. In order to protect its reputation, Meissen developed markings that were painted on the products. These marks were later replaced by a crossed swords logo, which is now the official mark for Meissen porcelain.


The Lladro company was founded in 1953 by Juan, Jose, and Vicente in their hometown of Almacera. Although they began in a small workshop, within a few years the family firm had grown into a world-renowned porcelain manufacturer. The company still remains in the hands of the family today.

Several factors contribute to the uniqueness of each piece of porcelain. Among them are the color, firing methods, and the quality of the clay used to make the figurines. These factors are essential in ensuring that each piece is of the highest possible quality. Moreover, the company’s craftsmen take great care in crafting each individual element of each figurine. Even the smallest flaws can ruin the entire piece.

In the 1970s, Lladro made great strides with its innovative single-firing technique. The new process allowed the company to create pieces with more delicate colors. This innovation also helped to improve the craftsmanship of the company’s artists. This led to the creation of more elaborate and detailed figurines.

The company’s unique style and delicacy have made it a favorite for collectors worldwide. Despite the fact that the company has expanded to include many collections, it has remained true to its original artistic vision and values. This is what makes the Lladro brand a global leader in fine porcelain figurines. Authentic Lladro porcelain is marked with the signature blue stamp and has a logotype of a bellflower or tulip. angel figurines manufacturers

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