Abrasive Wheels Training

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Abrasive Wheels Training is an essential course for anyone that uses abrasive wheels in the workplace. It covers the steps employees need to take to work safely with abrasive wheels, helping reduce accidents and also ensure they comply with legislation.

Nearly half of all accidents involving abrasive wheels are due to unsafe systems of work or errors made by the operator. This is often the result of lack of effective training, and by investing in this online abrasive wheels course, employees can be more confident and competent when using this equipment.

The eLearning course provides learners with key underpinning knowledge of the law and best practice when it comes to working with abrasive wheel equipment. It covers key topics such as types of abrasive wheels, risks, manufacturer responsibilities, employee responsibilities, safety in grinding machine operations, wheel mounting procedures and issues, guards, extra considerations for portable or hand-held grinders and testing and inspections.

A multiple-choice quiz is available for the course, with a pass mark of at least 70% required to receive a ClickHSE abrasive wheels certification. This certificate can then be downloaded or printed, for record keeping purposes.

This online Abrasive Wheels Training is perfect for any individual that uses abrasive wheels in their workplace. This could include any machinery operators, supervisors and managers. The course is designed to be easy to follow, and it covers the different aspects that need to be considered when using abrasive wheels. It is important that the correct wheel is selected, and that it is mounted properly and correctly, ensuring that the maximum safe speed is followed and other specifications are adhered to. It is also vital that the wheel is properly stored and handled, and this course will cover these aspects too. Abrasive Wheels Training

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