A Holiday For Wine and Water Lovers

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Would you like to plan a holiday around your love of wine? But wait, you really want to be on the water as well? No problem. All over the world, wine enthusiasts are cottoning on to the idea of indulging in their wine tasting hobby whilst cruising the world’s most spectacular canals on barge holidays. France is an idyllic location for one of these wine inspired holidays, with many opportunities to visit world-renowned vineyards and partake in wine tastings.

Wine Inspired Cruises

In order to have a well-rounded experience, specialised wine cruises should include a professional wine guide and wine itinerary. The vessels can be booked by groups looking to charter the entire barge or simply by the cabin.

The 300-year-old sun-drenched Canal du Midi is the perfect backdrop for a wine holiday. Two of the best vessels used to cruise the historic canal include the Anjodi and the Enchanté, used frequently for these kinds of barge holidays. France is known worldwide for its delectable wines, and operators of these cruises ensure that the vessel and the service live up to even the toughest expectations.


The Anjodi was specifically designed to navigate the waters of the Canal du Midi and was constructed following a classic Dutch design. The stunning vessel has been completely re-furbished and can fit up to eight passengers comfortably.

Whilst aboard the Anjodi, typical cruises include travelling to the Château Gasparets, where you will have the privilege of enjoying a private tasting of Corbières and Minervois wine. From there, you will also see the magnificent Pyrenees mountains across the vineyards and a guide will speak to you about Cathar history.

Other highlights of your cruise on the Anjodi will include touring Carcassone (the most complete medieval fortified city in existence), experiencing Lezignan’s colourful market, and visiting Béziers cathedral. Seeing some of France’s most spectacular sights is another wonderful aspect of barge holidays. France is certainly the best place for a wine inspired tour and your cruise will include a great deal of wine tastings, however stopping off to enjoy the country’s breath-taking monuments and historical sites is an added bonus.

For the true aficionados, you will be impressed to know that aboard the vessel the inclusive wine cellar will be stocked with Domain de Guéry, Château de Nouvelles, La Clape and Château la Condamine Bertrand for your drinking pleasure.


The Enchanté is a double-decker hotel-barge that provides luxurious accommodation for up to eight guests. It has a welcoming contemporary interior, providing guests with a bright art deco atmosphere.

If you decide to take a cruise on the Enchanté along the Canal du Midi your itinerary will include travelling to the beautiful city of Corbières to visit the Minervois winery. Here, you will enjoy a winery tour and private tastings.

Enchanté’s wine cellar includes an impressive variety of wines such as Domaine de Nalys, Châteauneuf du Pape, Château Haut Gléon, Corbières, Domaine Corsin, Pouilly Fuissé, Domaine Vacheron, Sancerre, Château Les Ollieux Romanis, Corbières, Domaine Alquier, Faugères, Château de Gourgazaud and Minervois La Livinière. If that’s not enough to make your tastebuds tingle you don’t know your wines!

When planning barge holidays, France is one of the top choices for wine enthusiasts. With vineyards spread throughout the country, picturesque canals and waterways, and fabulous historical sites at every turn, this country is a wine and water lovers paradise. wine tours Willamette Valley

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