A Guide to Installing a Tiled Conservatory Roof

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A solid tiled conservatory roof is a cost effective way of turning a glass or polycarbonate sun room into an all-weather living space. It not only reduces maintenance and energy bills but also adds value to your property and provides a great extra space for relaxing, dining or working from home.

A tiled conservatory roof can be built from either traditional or modern materials depending on the style of your home and your personal preference. A contemporary design can work beautifully with a glass extension while a more rustic look would compliment a country cottage. Using modern materials also means that the tiles have a much better life expectancy than their traditional counterparts, with many coming with a 40-year guarantee.

When installing a new tiled conservatory roof, the first step is to insulate the interior. This usually consists of fastening two-inch thick solid insulating boards to the rafters. These can then be covered with a plasterboard which is skim coated with plaster, making it ready for painting. There are a wide range of colors available that homeowners can use to match or contrast with the existing exterior.

Another way to improve the insulation of a conservatory is to install roof windows. These can be placed in a variety of locations to allow the maximum amount of natural light to enter a space while still providing excellent protection from rain and wind. There are a number of brands that make roof windows to suit a variety of conservatory styles and glazing options, including Velux.

If you are adding a new conservatory or replacing your existing polycarbonate or glass conservatory roof, it is important to consider the regulatory requirements. Most glazed structures fall under what is known as Permitted Development and do not require planning permission as long as certain criteria are met. Replacing a conservatory with a solid roof however changes this status and may require building regulation approval.

One of the benefits of a tiled roof is that it is able to offer greater thermal efficiency than most glass and polycarbonate roofs. This is because heat rises naturally, but the multi-layered tiled solution is able to stop this heat from escaping. This not only reduces the heating costs, but it makes your conservatory a more comfortable space to be in all year round.

A tiled roof can also help to absorb sound from outside, especially if it is a busy road or noisy area. This is because the solid roof structure and insulated panels are able to block out most noise to give you a peaceful place to relax in your conservatory.

A final aspect to consider when choosing a solid conservatory roof is whether or not the company you choose can also install external soffits to complete the look of your sun room. These soffits are a great way to add some lighting to your conservatory without it being too obvious or intrusive. They can also be used as a security feature and come in a range of different finishes that are designed to complement or contrast with the color scheme of your conservatory.

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