5 Must-Have Tools for Ductwork Fabrication

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Ductwork fabrication is the process of turning sheet metal into a finished product that distributes conditioned air in homes, offices and other buildings. It involves a variety of tools and equipment that are essential to the process. Using the necessary tools and equipment helps to ensure quality results. This blog post explores five must-have tools for ductwork fabrication.

  1. Measurement & Layout Tools
    Accurate measurements are vital to ensuring precise dimensions for your ducts. A tape measure and ruler help you to determine the dimensions of your duct sections for accurate fit and efficient airflow. 2. Marking & Layout ToolsChalk lines and marking tools help you to clearly indicate the location of ducts and their measurements on the sheet metal prior to cutting. This improves accuracy and speeds up the fabrication process. 3. Bending & Forming ToolsTo create your ducts, you need to shape the flat pieces of metal. There are various bending and forming techniques that you can use to accomplish this. For example, brake presses can manipulate the sheets into precise bends at specific angles, while roll forming is ideal for creating longer, continuous bends like those found on circular ductwork.
  2. Joining Tools
    To finish your ductwork, you need to securely attach the curved sections together. This can be accomplished through riveting or welding. Both methods offer strong and durable connections that can withstand high levels of pressure. In addition, mastic and a rubbery duct sealant are commonly used to prevent air leaks from developing at the seams.

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